Yoga Teacher Training Level 2 Course 2019
Level 1 (new 200hr) + Level 2 (350hr) fully accredited course

This course will change your life!

Commencing weekend Aug, 2019 ( REGISTER NOW )

Welcome to BHYS Yoga Teacher Training 2019
If you passionate about yoga and would you like to deepen your personal and professional understanding of Yoga, teacher training at Baulkham Hills Yoga Studio is for you.
You may enrol only for Level 1 (200hr) for the complete course, Levels 1 & 2 (350hrs) if you are keen to gain full registration as an accredited yoga teacher.
Established over 25 years ago, Baulkham Hills Yoga School is one of the country’s most reputable and longest running schools providing an accredited yoga teacher training program. 
We offer an affordable, comprehensive and fun course facilitated by Michele and James Sierra. 

To date they have brought through 10 generations of graduate teachers through endowing the wisdom and knowledge they developed over decades of teaching experience. Our graduates are well recognized for the quality of their teaching and are much in demand.  

James' colourful sense of humour and energy, coupled with Michele's inspiring philosophical discussions will ignite your passion to teach! Learn more about Michele & James HERE


  • BHY Teacher Training course is a dynamic and comprehensive course which includes various styles of asana practice (hatha, dynamic, vinyasa -beginner to intermediate), yoga therapy, sequencing, use of props, applied anatomy, meditation, pranayama, guided relaxation and yoga psychology.
  • Study foundational yoga postures, sequencing and the joy of postural alignment that can seamlessly be applied to all styles of yoga
  • Weekend Training – one intensive weekend per month. Each level consists of 5-6 weekend intensives
  • Immerse yourself in Yogic and Buddhist philosophy
  • This is one of the few yoga teacher training courses in Australia that places an emphasis on integrating the practice of Mindfulness Meditation with the physical and philosophical aspects of yoga. A unique Online Meditation Practice course incorporating Yoga and Buddhist studies accompanies this training to support and inform the student’s personal practice.
  • Learn in a small group, intimate setting with personalised attention
  • Develop a confident personal and professional approach to yoga teaching. Yoga is more than physical postures!
  • Receive on-going mentoring and hands on experience
  • Join our respected, long established community of yoga teachers and students

From our extensive experience, we believe that monthly part time training is the most effective and enjoyable way to learn. To gain the most from the course it is necessary to allow time to integrate and apply content and deepen your own personal practice so you can then go on to confidently and competently instruct your future yoga students. Our preference is not to offer an accelerated course for these reasons. There is no learning quite as exciting as yoga teacher training.  Truly - it will change your life

Venue: All training is conducted at our yoga studio 12/35 Old Northern Rd, Baulkham Hills.
Commences: 16 February (Introductory weekend) – August 2019
Level 1: (200hr) training introduces mindfulness meditation, embodied applied anatomy, the foundational asana series and teaching methods required to establish your own personal practice and begin teaching at an introductory level.  Level 1 is a prerequisite for Level 2 and the full Yoga Teacher Training Diploma. If you choose to pick up level 2 at a later date you will have recognition of prior learning having completed the first level.

There are two methods of approach to participating in Level 1 training.

  1. Personal interest and and no commitment to completing exams and assignment for accreditation. Full participation in face-to-face teaching, group practice, personal yoga practice and required reading is essential.
  2. Full participation in the course curriculum and completion of assignments and all requirements to gain Level 1- 200hr yoga teacher training certification.
Level 2: (150hrs) commences September 2019.

Course outline includes costs, course dates and requirements:
CONTACT Michele Sierra:  Mob:0419018433