Dear Yoga Student,
We are committed to providing the highest quality instruction in a non-competitive and safe environment. To ensure that you are attending the most appropriate class for you feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

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10.30-12.00pm General   Restorative/
  General General


5.25-6.55pm General Beginner/ General Beginner/
7.05-8.35pm General Beginner/
General Beginner/ General Monthly Astanga class  
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James Sierra
Lessons: Adult: Fulltime Student: Valid for
Casual fee $ 25 $ 20  
5 card $ 105 $85 2 months
10 card $190 $170 2 months
15 card $270 $240 2 months

Class Options:
All of our classes are 90 minutes and include yoga postures, breathing and a period of relaxation to complete.
    • Beginner/General: classes introduce the student to basic yoga postures (asana) as well as an array of relaxation postures and breathing techniques to achieve a calm and focused mind.  Students utilize several props (bolsters, mats, blankets, etc.) to assist and deepen their practice. These classes serve as a wonderful supplement to advanced yoga practice and also offer special attention to those less flexible or with injuries. 
    • General classes: are a mixed level yoga practice that develops strength, flexibility and balance.    Each class varies by level and instructor. Classes often include arm balances, backbends, deep hip and hamstring openers and inversions. Modifications and variations of poses are taught to adjust difficulty based on individual needs. If unsure of which class is appropriate for you please contact us and we will make our recommendations.
    • Yoga and Meditation: This class includes one hour of asana practice (beginner/general level) followed by a combination of meditation instruction, yoga breathing, restorative and relaxation techniques. The sequences and techniques are designed to be accessible for students at all levels of practice and experience. This class is facilitated by Michele Sierra
    • Intermediate Vinyasa Class with James Sierra: A derivative of Astanga Yoga, this vinyasa class connects breath and asana to create an internal heat.  Fluid transitions allow poses to flow from one to another developing strength, stamina and flexibility while also calming the mind.  Appropriate for intermediate and advanced students with an established yoga practice. Contact James to register. No beginners please.
    • Private Classes: Private and semi-private sessions may be scheduled upon request. Contact Michele Sierra to discuss your needs at
    • Yoga Teacher Training:  Please contact us to receive information about our upcoming training course.
      Further information - here
    • Important Information: We strongly recommend that you arrive 10 minutes early so you have time to sign in, change, and get settled. Please advise the teacher immediately upon arrival if you are pregnant, have any injuries or health issues (such as blood pressure, anxiety, recent surgery etc). If possible, it is best not to eat a large meal at least 2 hours prior to class.